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We’re happy to release the first Minus Mary album, which includes several original tracks, a handful of traditional songs, and a favorite from more recent days. Our aim was to create a reasonable document of where we are as a band, and to capture some of the fun that we have playing together. We're proud of the work, and hope you enjoy it, too. 


Minus Mary is:

Dan Gabel - guitar, mandolin, vocals

Alexis Hyatt - fiddle, guitar, vocals

Jason Loeks - bass, vocals

Dave Tavel - drums, percussion, vocals


Also appearing:

Evan Kishineff - guitar and background vocals tracks 11, 12

Recorded at Owl Box Studios, San Rafael, California

Engineered and Recorded by Damien Rasmussen and Jason Loeks

Mixed by Damien Rasmussen

Mastered by Steve Orlando

Artwork by Katie Kincade

Special thanks to Damien Rasmussen for his work and his incredible ears.


We dedicate this project to the memory of Dana Hyatt, who loved hearing his daughter sing and fiddle, and didn’t mind the rest of the band, either. We know you’re still listening and we’re playing for you.


Thanks for all the love, support, and encouragement: Dana and Mary Hyatt, Ellen and Michelle Gabel, Reem Regina Tatar, Shyla, Misha.


We are forever grateful to Steve Gardner for throwing us together in his Americana band class. “Everybody sings, everybody solos.” Yessir.

  • Track 1: © 2018  Alexis Hyatt

  • Tracks 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 13: © 2018 Dan Gabel, Shyla Says Music (ASCAP)

  • Track 11: © 1987 Tom Waits, Jalma Music

  • All others Traditional

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